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Our Story

'Designed for the conscious parent'

Simple, minimal and sustainable. 

These are the 3 reasons why I started grow. 

I am a mother of three beautiful daughters and for years I was a foster carer before deciding I needed a change so I could be present with my girls. So I became a seamstress working from home. 

I first started using cloth nappies with my second born but nothing ever eventuated until recently when I had my third. I couldn’t control her rashes and it seemed like nothing we did would help her. So this is when I decided to look into disposable nappies and it didn’t take much research to realise, cloth was the only way forward. 

 So I took to the sewing machine to start making nappies. Simple, natural fibres, cuter and all round better for my baby and our planet. 

Another thing I noticed after having my third is, less is more. She doesn’t care for the millions of toys around her. Putting lids on containers, turning switches on and off, stacking blocks and her grow bar made by Daddy. All of which have helped her cognitive skills grow at such a rapid rate.

 So this is me. This is my family. This is Grow. 

 Thank you for being apart of our journey, 

Ashton ♡