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About Our Nappies


                Eco Nappies  

We offer a unique cloth nappy system like no other that gives choice to you and your child. Our Beautiful curated Eco nappies are handmade here in Australia using natural, organic fibers where possible. We strive to be different and offer unique prints that you won't find anywhere else. 


We provide 2 sizes of nappies;
Seed (coming soon)
prem/newborn nappy
approximately 2kgs-8kgs 
single and double row option 
both with reinforced wings 
approximatley 4kgs- 18kgs 
A bigger range will be added in the near future

Inside Our Nappy 

We offer three liner styles, a pocket style that can also become an AI2.
 A 3 way style pocket that is very versatile and offers three waring options. And a simple snap in AI2 style.
Each of our liner options come with snaps at each end of the nappy shell. This ensures that the inserts stay in place and don’t move around with your baby’s movements.

Pocket Nappy

3 Way Nappy 

Our “3 way pocket” style liner is very versatile and will be very popular with dads. It allows you to use the nappy as a standard ‘pocket’ (ie stuff the inserts into the pocket), lay the inserts under the flap or to simply lay the inserts inside the shell.


Our Inserts 

Our nappies come with an anchor insert and a rectangular booster.

Both our inserts and boosters are made from two layers of heavy weight hemp and bamboo (70% hemp/30% bamboo organic fleece) and are covered with a bamboo velour.

Bamboo velour is a natural fibre which feels dry against your baby’s skin so there is no need for any additional microfleece stay-dry layer. Bamboo velour can be used directly against your baby’s skin and has the additional benefit that it is extremely absorbent.

Our inserts and boosters also snap together to help prevent bunching and movement of the inserts inside the nappy.